Your partner in Marketing Communications

The road from a CE mark to clinical guidelines is usually long and hard. It is doable, though, if the product has real value that you can successfully communicate to the right people. Now, it comes to leveraging your clinical evidence in a credible way. When your product is a medical device, all your messaging must be aligned with the product’s intended use and indications for use statements. This is the kind of expertise that most ad agencies don’t have. Let me help you get the most out of your product’s claims and build a winning marketing strategy and messages.

Experience from the health tech sector has taught me that the typical marketing communications rely on hard facts and diagrams. There’s nothing wrong with these, but adding just a little bit of human touch, such as pictures of real people or clinical situations, will take your materials to a whole new level and help you differentiate from competition. Not to speak of consistency of colors and styles, and creative use of videos. Build a brand, tell stories. That’s what people will remember.