Your partner in commercialization

You are in the business to solve your customer’s real-life problem or to improve their processes in a meaningful way. Throughout the R&D process, you need to hear from your intended customers: which features do they like and which ones they don’t? Do they see a value in your proposal? What if you tweaked the prototype just a bit to appeal to a wider audience? Who are the key opinion leaders that you want to run studies on your prototypes? Let me help you make sure that you don’t develop you products in a bubble!

When it comes to product launch, your product can make the first impression only once. Let me help you define the minimum launch criteria for the product, and also review your supporting materials, as well as distributor training materials. And if you need an experienced trainer, I’m at your service.

A medical device has rigorous requirements for accompanying materials, such as user’s instructions and guides. Also the materials need to be translated in the local language. Let me help you manage these processes, and also to create content in your materials.